This website and all content on including online courses include information and instruction relating to nutrition and wellness topics. By using this website and content therein you acknowledge and agree that the following warnings and disclaimers shall apply to all content related to  Programs and opinions offered are not intended as medical or health advice. Nor are they recommended for anyone with a serious health or medical condition. It is recommended that you consult with a licensed health professional before changing your diet or starting an exercise program, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

The role of a wellness coach and nutrition consultant is not to provide health care, medical or nutrition therapy services; or to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. Rather, the Coach is a mentor and guide who has been trained in holistic health coaching to help you reach you own health goals by helping you devise and implement positive, sustainable lifestyle changes. The coach is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician/nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional.If you are under the care of a health care professional or currently use prescription medications, you should discuss any dietary changes with your doctor, and should not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting your doctor.


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